Digital Inverter GM_AT(8)


SP_ATP new HR       Eurovent Certified Performance


Toshiba Digital Inverter brings state-of-the-art inverter technology to the commercial sector, offering considerable advantages in terms of capacity, energy savings, optimised control, lower refrigerant charge and utilizing the smallest physical dimensions and lightest range of outdoor units in the industry. Toshiba state-of-the-art compressor features a powerful magnetic rotor with great surface area to increase efficiency and reduce the operation noise.

Light and compact

  • Up to 12.8 kW in only 890mm height and 69kg.

Wide adaptability

  • Compatible with a wide choice of indoor units : 4 way cassette, 4-way compact cassette, slim duct, standard duct, high wall and ceiling.

  • Night operation mode to minimize the outdoor unit sound as low as 33dB(A).

Efficiency & energy savings

  • The Vector Intelligent Drive Unit (IPDU) technology ensures power limitation by 1% step between 50% and 100% load for optimal capacity control

Easy to maintain

  • Removable corner panels for easy access.

  • Auto diagnostic function.


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