Slim Ducted unit RM_SDT


SM SDT           Eurovent Certified Performance

Slim ducted unit, only 210mm, designed to distribute air in multipe rooms through air-ducts in false-ceilings. Χαμηλού ύψους μονάδα, σχεδιασμένη για τη διανομή του αέρα σε πολλαπλούς χώρους μέσω δικτύου αεραγωγών στην ψευδοροφή.
Whether installed in a ceiling void or in a false ceiling, Toshiba’s slim duct offers the ultimate technology, with exceptional energy savings, high performance and easy installation .


  • Up to 50Pa available pressure with four steps set up.

  • Easy to combine with different types of air diffusers.

  • Flexible design, allows the inlet air configuration to be configured between the standard rear inlet design or as an alternative, from the underside of the unit. There is also a provision for a fresh air intake supply via a pre-punched knockout hole.

Easy to install

  • Slimline design, with a height of just 21cm and a weight of 22kg, gives increased flexibility when designing and installing the system.

  • Natural drain discharge or built-in drain pump to manage condensates.


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