Bi-Flow Floor Inverter Console RAS-B_U2FVG-E1

Toshiba Inverter Floor Air-Condition

Smart and compact choice!
10, 13 & 18.000 BTU

  Toshiba _Bi _Flow _UFV UFV Control            Eurovent Certified Performance

Innovative and compact unit, ideal for floor installation or low-wall applications, fits perfectly under the window sills or in a low-ceiling attic.

  • Hybrid DC Inverter: All Toshiba air conditioners use the latest inverter technology. This enables great energy savings by raising or lowering the compressor speed according to the room temperature needs.

  • Floor Warming: Bi-Flow has a unique function that delivers a powerful warm air flow at floor level for comfortable room heating.

Bi -flow

  • Louver control: You can adjust the air flow according to your needs or use the swing feature to distribute air evenly throughout the room.

  • Anti-dust pre filter: Filter with the ability to trap dust and big particles from the atmosphere.

  • Toshiba IAQ Filter: Toshiba IAQ's technology is able to significantly inhibit the reproductive ability of harmful bacteria and viruses. Moreover, it prevents mould and fungi formation, absorbs and decomposes smoke, ammonia, volatile organics and odors.
    Toshiba IAQ Filter

  • Multi-Split: Connect more than one indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

  • Self-Cleaning: This function reduces the humidity inside the unit, thus not allowing the formation of mould inside your air-condition. When you turn off the air-condition, an internal fan automatically activates to remove moisture and dry out the coil. This ensures long-lasting performance and high quality air circulation.

  • Quiet Mode: Press the “Quiet” button on the remote control and the indoor unit will start an extremely silent operation mode.

  • ECO operation: Achieve energy saving up to 25% compared to standard setting, without sacrificing comfort. This function raises or lowers temperature automatically, to prevent excessive temperature and electricity cost.

  • Comfort Sleep: The unit will automatically adjust the temperature settings to create the best comfort levels in the sleeping hours.

  • One Touch My-Comfort: Pre-programmed settings, studied by Toshiba, offer the right combination of comfort and energy savings with just one push of the button.

  • Hi-Power: This mode delivers extra airflow rapidly throughout the room, for faster cooling or heating, but still quietly!

  • Auto Diagnosis: The system will perform a thorough internal check and will signal eventual anomalies.

  • Real time on-off: You can set on and off times or program a setting to repeat every 24 hours.

  • Repeat Timer: Programs the timer to repeat the programmed settings every 24 hours.

  • Automatic Restart: In case of temporarily power supply outage, the unit will resume the operating conditions.

  • Compact size: This unit is extremely compact and is suitabel for installation where dimensions are a key factor.

  • Remote control included: Easy to use remote control.

Technical Characteristics:

Cooling Capacity 2,50 kW 3,50 kW 5,00 kW
SEER 6,60 / A++ 6,40 / A++ 6.20 / A++
Heating Capacity 3,20 kW 4,20 kW 6.00 kW
SCOP (avg.) 4,20 / A+ 4,20 / A+ 4.00 / A+
Operating Range Cooling -10 ~ 46 °C -10 ~ 46 °C -10 ~ 46 °C
Operating Range Heating -15 ~ 24 °C -15 ~ 24 °C -15 ~ 24 °C
Sound Level 39/23 dB(A) 40/24 dB(A) 45/31 dB(A)
Refrigerant Type R32 R32 R32
Dimensions (mm) 600x700x220 600x700x220 600x700x220









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