Daiseikai 9 - Excellence in Performance & Air Quality

DC Twin Rotary Inverter, 10/13/16.00 BTU, A+++, PKVPG-E

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The new Daiseikai 9 with elegant design & R32 refrigerant offers high energy efficiency A+++ both in cooling and heating mode, with very low energy consumption in all operating conditions.


  • DC Twin-Rotary Inverter Technology: Daiseikai 9 is equiped with a DC Twin Rotary Inverter compressor that ensures quiet operation, increased efficiency A+++ and a wide operating range delivering SEER up to 10,60 and SCOP up to 5.20. Created by Toshiba, twin-rotary inverter technology allows the unit to adjust the compressor speed to suit demand for excellent temperature regulation and optimum part-load efficiency, maintaining the indoor environment at precisely the selected temperature. Its high levels of performance and efficiency meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Plasma Ion Charger and Magic Coil: Enjoy superior air quality at a touch of a button. The advanced Toshiba Plasma Ion Charger system absorbs and quickly removes smoke, pollen and unpleasant smells. Air pollutants are ionised and adhered to the Magic Coil's special coating, which disposes dust and dirt through the drainage water. The interior of the unit remains clean and you enjoy a healthy, fresh environment.

Plasma Ion Charger

  • Ionizer: By generating over 1 million negative ions for every cubic centimeter of air, the Daiseikai ionizer will invite the freshness in your residence, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

  • ECO mode: Achieve increased energy saving up to 25% compared with standard setting, without sacrificing comfort. This function raises or lowers temperature automatically, to prevent excessive temperature and electricity cost.

  • 3D Aiflow: Daiseikai 9 provides stable air volume and flow in 6 different patterns. The airflow is horizontally and vertically controled to cover all areas in your space.

Shorai Smart Airflow

  • PURE mode: This function activates the air purification system.

  • Power Selection: You can select between 3 energy saving levels settings of 100%, 75% and 50% for higher energy efficiency.

  • Extremely silent: the unit operates with less than 20dB(A) in silent mode.

  • Hi-Power mode: This mode delivers extra airflow rapidly throughout the room, for faster cooling or heating, but still quietly!

  • Comfort Sleep mode: Activate "Comfort Sleep" and your air-condition system will compensate for natural night temperature so you can sleep comfortably.

  • Self-Cleaning: This function reduces the humidity inside the unit, thus not allowing the formation of mould inside your air-condition. When you turn off your air-condition, an internal fan automatically activates to remove moisture and dry out the coil.

  • Weekly Timer: The Toshiba heat pump can be programed with up to 4 different settings within a day and 7 different programs in a week.

  • 8οC (5-13) in Heating mode): By using this feature indoor temperature is kept at about 8οC, to protect your pets as well as the water pipes from very low temperatures during winter.

  • Powerful Defrost: In tough winter conditions, you can perform a defrost operation to the outdoor unit with just one click on the remote controller.

  • Automatic Restart: The air-condition will automatically restart at the same settings after electricity power failure.

  • Auto Diagnosis: The system will perform a thorough internal check and will signal eventual anomalies.

  • Design and Reliability: For over 50 years Toshiba has been providing its clients with the guaranteed precision and expertise of flawless Japanese quality.

Technical Characteristics

Cooling Capacity 2,5 kW 3,5 kW 4,5 kW
SEER 10,60 / A+++ 9,50 / A+++ 8,50 / A+++
Heating Capacity 3,20 kW 4,00 kW 4,50 kW
SCOP (average) 5,20 / A+++ 5,10 / A+++ 4,60 / A++
Operating Range Cooling -10 ~ 46 °C -10 ~ 46 °C -10 ~ 46 °C
Operating Range Heating -15 ~ 24 °C -15 ~ 24 °C -15 ~ 24 °C
Sound Level 43/20 dB(A) 44/20 dB(A) 45/22 dB(A)
Refrigerant Type R32 R32 R32
Dimensions (mm) 293x851x270 293x851x270 293x851x270











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