SHORAI Premium (Inverter- R32) – Luxuriously fresh indoor air and silent operation

Inverter High-Wall Air-conditioner | 10, 13, 16, 18, 22 & 24.000 BTU |RAS-B_J2KVRG-E


Shorai -R32Control RAS-PKVSG-Opened          Eurovent Certified Performance


Toshiba proudly presents Shorai Premium AC series, with R32 refrigerant and 28 preset programs for excellent comfort and energy efficiency.


This new, environment-friendly series incorporates the Toshiba-exclusive compressor technology DC Twin Rotary Inverter which ensures silent operation, large performance agents SEER up to 7.3 and SCOP up to 5.90 (warmer zone), Energy Labels A++/A++, while also offers a wide operation range.


DC Twin-Rotary Inverter Technology: Created by Toshiba, twin-rotary inverter technology allows the unit to adjust the compressor speed to suit demand for excellent temperature regulation and optimum part-load efficiency, maintaining the indoor environment at precisely the selected temperature. Its high levels of performance and efficiency meet the most demanding requirements.

Wide operation range: Shorai Premium functions seamlessly and with great energy efficiency even in extreme environmental conditions, with an operation range from -15°C to 46°C in cooling mode and from -15°C to 24°C in heating mode.

Plasma Ion Charger: Capture efficiency of floating impurities in the air is accelerated by ionizer. At the same time, contaminates such as bacteria, odor, smoke, dust, allergen and viruses are caught and deactivated by the ionizer.

Quiet Mode: Noise level of indoor unit is less than usual, less than 22 db(A) -which is just about the sound level of a leaf’s rustling.

Silent 1 & Silent 2 which reduce the noise level of the outdoor unit by -3dB(A).

Magic Coil®: Toshiba’s innovate Magic Coil helps prevent water, oil, colors or dust from sticking to the indoor unit’s coil, ensuring that no mold or bad odors will be created in the unit. That technology, combined with Auto-Cleaning, results to even greater indoor air quality.  When the air-conditioner is switched off, the fan continues to operate at extra low speed for 20-30 minutes, removing any remaining moisture and making sure that the unit is clean and dry.

On-demand Defrost: During heavy winter and while the AC operates in heating mode, it is possible that the outdoor unit freezes, which results to a gradual performance loss and increase of energy consumption. In such extreme weather conditions, Auto-Defrost will be activated periodically, but you can also manuallydefrost at any time, by simply pressing Hi-POWER button for 5 seconds.

Fireplace: provides optimum heat diffusion in the room from your fireplace or other heat sources. With this mode your Toshiba AC leverages other heat sources to circulate the heat in the room effectively, providing excellent energy efficiency.

Anti-corrosive CDU: Toshiba provides exceptional durability even when used in coastal regions, where the outdoor unit’s casings are exposed to a high risk of corrosion. Special anti-corrosive coatings, placed on the outdoor casings, have been tested with salt spray for 1.000 hours, while the casings’ color has been tested in extreme weather conditions for 2.000 operational hours. In addition, all outdoor casings of Toshiba ACs are supported by a galvanized base and legs, which never rust!

Preventive Fire Avoidance: To avoid the damage that might be caused by the insertion of small animals or insects in the electronic parts of the air conditioner, Toshiba encloses the electronic system of the indoor and outdoor unit with a full fire-resistant metal box. This prevents short circuits caused by exogenous factors that could create a fire and/or any fire or sparkle to spread to other parts of the device.

Safety is extremely important to Toshiba, which is why the security standards we follow are even stricter than international IECEE or European standards.

Electrical voltage protection: the outdoor units’ electronic boards are specially designed to operate within a wide range in order to be able to function seamlessly in case of emergency voltage fluctuations. Additionally, another security measure has been incorporated in the boards, protecting them from exceptionally high electrical voltage, such as those caused by a lighting (up to 10.000 Volt)

8°C Holiday frost protection mode (5-13°C): this mode enables your Toshiba AC to preserve the indoor temperature at 8°Cduring winter, while you are away from the residence for a long period of time. This function protects the structural components and electromechanical installations of your home from the problems caused by low temperatures.

Hi-Power Mode: offers additional volume of air while the compressor operates in maximum power to offer immediate cooling of heating when needed.

New remote controller and Weekly Timer: our new, beautiful controller, comes with a large illuminated screen made with Toshiba liquid crystals and a folded panel, can easily moderate all unit functions. With our new Weekly Timer, you can program 4 different operating conditions per day and 24 different conditions per week!

Easy installation and maintenance: All parts of Toshiba ACs are designed for easy installation and maintenance. It is established by their design that the units will be cleaned efficiently, even from a less experienced technician.

WiFi Ready: You can operate your Toshiba AC remotely from anywhere via the internet, for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency. This function requires additional equipment that is not included in the product’s packaging (Remote Adjuster RB-N101S-G)

New Toshiba Home AC Control app: up to 5 users can fully control up to 10 Toshiba AC units via their smartphones or tablets. Compatible with Android & IOS devices. Read more about Toshiba Home AC Control here.



















 Technical Characteristics:

Cooling Capacity 2,50 kW 3,50 kW 4,60 kW 5,00 kW 6,10 kW 7,00 kW
SEER 6,90 / A++ 6,50 / A++ 6,50 / A++ 7,30 / A++ 6,80 / A++ 6,25 / A++
Heating Capacity 3,20 kW 4,20 kW 5,50 kW 6,00 kW 7,00 kW 8,00 kW
SCOP (avg.) 4.60 / A++ 4.60 / A++ 5,20 / A+++ 4.20 / A+ 4.4 / A+ 4.07 / A+
Operating Range Cooling -15 ~ 46 °C -15 ~ 46 °C -15 ~ 46 °C -15 ~ 46 °C -15 ~ 46 °C -15 ~ 46 °C
Operating Range Heating -15 ~ 24 °C -15 ~ 24 °C -15 ~ 24 °C -15 ~ 24 °C -15 ~ 24 °C -15 ~ 24 °C
Sound Level 38/22 dB(A) 39/22 dB(A) 43/24 dB(A) 44/26 dB(A) 45/27 dB(A) 47/28 dB(A)
Refrigerant Type R32 R32 R32 R32 R32 R32
Dimensions (mm) 293x798x230 293x798x230 293x798x230 320x1050x250 320x1050x250 320x1050x250









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